ABQ Press

I am a partner in ABQ Press, a small publishing company that has expanded quite a bit this year. We recently published four novels by two very talented gentlemen who live in Albuquerque, Stephen Scott and Gary McKee. The books are in trade paperback format. Stay tuned for signings and other public appearances. Please contact us at editor@abqpress.com for information about purchasing the books.


Yellow $14.95

A mystery about an Episcopal priest who abandons his ministry in order to pursue his brother's murderer. His weapon of revenge is a yellow Volkswagen convertible.





The House at the Edge of the Sea $14.95

Billy, a loner whose attempts at sociability always go awry, eventually finds the love of his life, an abandoned house at the edge of the sea. But the two women who have entered his world soon send him back to his singular existence




Benarty’s Lament $14.95

A proper Victorian gentleman, Benarty, finds his stultifying life in London disturbed by an alarming American sailor. Against his better judgment he abandons his comfortable way of life and crosses the Atlantic to unravel the riddle of Tam's apocalyptic existence.

Born in a French nunnery in China, Stephen Scott was raised on the northwest frontier of India and educated (more or less) in England. Then he began his checkered career: selling encyclopedias, building 50 foot metal trees for London exhibitions, landscaping (poaching water plants from an absent Scottish laird to sell in London), and various tent shows. Never in prison. Lured abroad by cheap airfares to the US, he was persuaded to overstay his visa by a designing woman and apprehended by Texas Rangers. After marrying the designing woman in a Scottish fishing village in a howling gale, he returned to New Mexico, where he continues to write in a tower by the Rio Grande.


Tomato Boy $15.95

Tomato Boy is the first book in the Bob McGregor series set in Calvin County, Tennessee. McGregor, a lawyer, plans to kickback in this farmers' paradise known for its delicious tomatoes. His goal is to write an historical novel while managing the affairs of the wealthy Roland Poteet, a former professor, friend and mentor. McGregor thinks he has settled into lawyer's heaven, free from the stresses of urban practice and free from entanglement in local affairs, but he soon learns that an upcoming election is taken very seriously in Calvin County. First McGregor is threatened; then a prominent citizen is murdered. McGregor's lawyer skills pull him into the action as he tries to solve one murder and prevent another.

In his first novel Gary McKee demonstrates an understanding of small town life, a fine ear for dialogue, finesse in plotting and characterization, and a poet's flair for descriptions of the landscape.

Gary McKee divides his time between New Mexico and the Southeast. A lawyer, who for many years limited his practice to county law, McKee is also a commercial mediator. He developed the Bob McGregor Mystery series while co-authoring and editing legal manuals for county officials. Soon to be published is the second book in the series, Tomato Fog, a Bob McGregor Mystery. McKee is currently working on Calvin House - Book One, an historical novel authored by Bob McGregor about the infamous founding of Calvin County by the notorious Sheriff Clayton Calvin.


We will also be publishing Seven Days, a crime novel set in Tennessee by Ruthie-Marie Beckwith, and two nonfiction books: Confessions of an Uppity Woman, a collection of newspaper columns by Lloyd Olivia Davis, and a biography of the Chilean folk singer Violeta Parra by Karen Kerschen.